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Your #1 Priority


Safety Assessment Services

Our safety assessment is an ongoing process that begins with the start of the investigation and continues as we inspect, evaluate and process the environment and work place.


Workplace safety should be a top priority. Workplace injuries can result in various outcomes for employers including potential Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations, business reputation concerns, poor employee morale and possible complaints by the injured party. OSH International LLC helps to avoid these possible outcomes. We will perform safety assessments on a regular basis and comply with any applicable OSHA and other regulatory standards.

There is no standard performance safety assessment to use. Every industry is different so each organization is subject to industry-specific requirements and guidelines. All of these regulations most likely include unique safety concerns.


Our goal is to help you evaluate your worksite and identify all existing and potential hazards. A hazard could be anything that could cause harm or injury. This list provided by OSHA's  is the Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards. OSH International helps you to mitigate all of these safety issues.

OSH International provides professional help.

Safety is the most important aspect of everyone's business so  don' make it a secondary thought. OSH International will provide a complete safety inspection service. We will contact your local fire department, your insurance company and other industry specific regulation boards to help you stay within safety compliance.


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