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Our Instructors

We're Proud to work with a top

Team of



CEO OSH International LLC

  • OSHA authorize 10- and 30-hour trainer for general industry & construction

  • 25 years of experience in safety

  • Domestic and Foreign safety consulting

  • OTI outreach training

  • Safety audits and Mishap investigations

Our instructors are credentialed subject matter experts in the Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental field. 



Construction Worker
Testimonials //

I just wanted to say thank you to Wayne Adams at OSH international. He was very direct and effective, Which was life saving when the pandemic hit hartford Connecticut.

Due to there services I was able to maintain 90% of my staff during a time that medical couriers we most needed. OSH International helped me keep my doors open for business.

CEO phillipscor LLC 

Cornielious Phillips

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