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About Us

20 Years

Of Experience


Safety Consulting Services

At OSH International we understand the importance of protecting your company’s most valuable asset, its employees.

We combine our expertise with world-class training to always give you the ultimate in safety consulting services, providing expert safety consultants trained in the current best safety practices for your industry.


Our Mission

OSH International will lead in leadership safety for every partner, every day so everyone goes home.


Onsite Professional Partnership

OSH International understands that taking on leadership roles in safety means that they understand foremost that “everyone goes home.” The idea of lifelong learning is well-established and our goal is to provide individuals with management training and partnership to meet the stated goals of the organization.


OSH International specializes in providing team members who direct and coordinate the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives – cost, time, quality, and participation satisfaction.    

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